Saturday, June 18, 2016


What a fun day we had : )  Saturday was World Wide Knit in Public day and I was fortunate to be able to host it at my shop.

These were the first to arrive

There was lots of knitting and chatter throughout the day.

The night before, I was getting my nails done and telling the girl about the knitting in public day and she asked if I would like a ball of yarn on one nail.  Well...yes I would !

I also had cupcakes made for the occasion with knitting needles on top

I managed a picture before they were all gobbled up  : )

My only finish for the week is this little veggie hat. I think I'll call it a beet.

What about you?  Did you participate in Knit in Public day?  I'm thinking maybe Kim did  : )

Enjoy your week.


Monday, June 13, 2016


It's a new week and I am in for a busy one!  I got all my bee blocks sewn this past week so my slate is clear : )

Susan in Australia is getting these words for her Spelling bee quilt
It just so happens they match my current knitting project so I took a picture

I'm pretty happy with my little 'e'

Kerry asked for this 'Yukon' block. She moved to Canada recently from the UK and is making a sort of map quilt.  It will be a pixelated style so she made up her own style of letters and had us follow that

Rene down in Florida gets this 'strawberry kiss' block in blue.  This is a fun block to sew and easy peasy

Finally, these churndash blocks are making their way to my house. I love this block in any way shape or form, so that's what I asked the ladies to make in my Mid Century Modern group. My current favourite colour combo is plum/mustard so some of them have that : )

Enjoy your week


Sunday, June 5, 2016


June 5!   Here we are a week into June already.  How are your blocks coming?  This is month number 10 

I have to admit these long skinny points nearly got the best of me : )

loving these little 1" squares.

Enjoy this coming week.  I am really hoping to carve out some sewing time. I have blocks to make for last month yet.  Oh dear.........


Saturday, May 28, 2016


I must be craving sugar.  Right now I am all about the candy colours : )
Remember this 'creamsicle' shawl? Well I finished it and I just love it.  It goes with what's left of my red hair. It's greying fast these days.......

Then the same woman that dyed this yarn, came up with this 'licorice' colour way. I immediately thought of licorice allsorts candy.....

and had to have it in the shop!

Right away I wound a skein and cast on for a pair of fun socks.  I added in a bit of the leftover creamsicle yarn because I really wanted an orange heel

and just like that a heel is born  : )  My candy bag had no blue candies. Wha???

This next combo reminds me of summer sherbet.  I am using two stands of yarn for this shawl. A Malabrigo sock yarn and a silk haze yarn.

It's a real coral colour that my camera just can't capture. Even still, that colour! Delicious.

Enjoy your week end!

Monday, May 16, 2016


Every day, in between serving customers and putting out new stock, there is a bit of time to sneak in a few stitches. Samples really help to sell yarn when people can see and feel what it's like knitted up.

Hats are fast and cute so I made a couple out of the cotton/rayon blend.  It feels wonderful.

chocolate and aqua

lavender and green

Then this happened.  I couldn't resist this gorgeous skein any longer so started a summer shawl

It's called 'creamsicle'.  LOVE it. This yarn is hand dyed right here in town by Smith and Ewe.

and how cute is this?  I was gifted this entire bolt of cute sheep fabric. Ooh the possibilities.  I know one thing for sure is it will be the backing for my 'knitty' word quilt.  So fun

This past week hubby built a new display. I saw something similar on Pinterest, and showed him. He's amazing. I love the industrial pipe and there is so much more display space than the table I had before.  Good thing, because loads more is expected this week  : )

What are you working on ?

Happy stitching,

Sunday, May 8, 2016


I can't remember a time when I have felt so busy. Every day is 'hair straight back' !  It sure is fun though having my own little shop.

Word blocks have been arriving in the mail and I'm getting ideas as to how this quilt is going to look

Just a couple more words to come and I can start to assemble : )

I did actually carve out a few minutes to sew a bee block.

I had free reign with the setting of these half square triangles to go in Stephanie's quilt.

My daughter came to the shop and changed out the window display to a camping theme for May.  It even includes a campfire with a roasting 'marshmallow'.

the view from outside : )

even a stump and hiking boots complete with woolly socks!

I had a baby shower to attend a while back so I knit up this little hat to match a jacket I bought.

and I have been wanting to try knitting a little pixie I did : )

I had a lovely Mother's day spent with family.  Always so fun.

Have a lovely week

Monday, May 2, 2016


It's that time again!  Don't the days just fly by.

This month the greens are so bright and fun. I love these blocks

Lots of scrappy goodness going on here

That's it for today. I would like to get a picture of all the blocks together so far, but they are hanging at the shop.  It won't be long now and I will be assembling these blocks into a quilt. Can't wait!

Happy stitching,