Friday, October 28, 2011


Block #5  Bat Wings

Some of the farmer's wife quilt blocks can be foundation paper pieced.  Although this has never been a favourite technique of mine, sometimes it is good for hard to piece angles.  Having said that, ANGLES are hard to foundation piece.  The fabric needs to be more than generous in order to cover the space.  I knew this.  I have a layer cake of terrain for this project, so I had 1  10" square of the blue to work with for this block.  The pieces are sewn down in numerical order in sections. Easy enough.  I sewed down piece #1 and then piece #2.  It didn't cover the space so I did it again. Then again---then again!  Finally, I got it right......or did I?

Have you ever seen a white bat???????  After all that, I had put the background where the blue is supposed to go.  This confirmed the fact that I don't like foundation piecing.  

With what I had left of the blue, I managed to piece half the block. I'm now out of blue. Good thing I can get a bit more.

This time, I put the white down first, then added blue to the ends.  Much easier.

How are your blocks coming?  Have a great week-end.

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Shocking Hocking said...

your fw blocks are looking fabulous - beautifully made. with your foundation pieceing, try roughly tracing the shape of the piece onto baking paper then use that as the 'pattern' to cut out your shape (don't forget to work out which way up is the right way!) - that way you don't lose as much fabric - cheers