Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lynne is sponsoring the small blog meet again.  This has been such a nice idea for us small bloggers.  I have really enjoyed reading new blogs that I may not otherwise have found.

If this is your first time here....Welcome!  I am a mother of six who loves to quilt.  I work in a quilt shoppe and teach a bit as well.  I learned quilting by doing hexagons, and I am still doing them 11 years later.
I recently started the farmers wife quilt along that I am thoroughly enjoying.

So, have a look around and I hope you see something you like.

Small Blog Meet

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JanuaryT said...

I found you through the small blog meet & I have to say that's amazing you have six kids and can find the time to quilt... How do you do it? I struggle to get things done with two :) anyways I'm excited to follow you and learn some things from a seasoned pro. I just started blogging and quilting so I would love for you to come by and check out my stuff as well. Thanks January T