Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Wow.  Wednesday already.  I am nearly organized for the club meeting on Saturday.  I need to wash the tea cups and purchase the chocolate--and sample it.  Instructions are almost done!

Occasionally when I have time to look around the blogs that I follow, one in particular makes my heart wrench.  Why is it that some of us have so much, and some so little? I thought, why not give you a glimpse into the lives of some amazing women whom I have grown to admire. The name of the organization is "heartline" and trust me, they really are.  So many young girls in Haiti find themselves pregnant and alone.  That's where heartline comes in.  I will let you read for yourself the  amazing work these ladies do.   Every time I read about these girls, I am so thankful that we have enough. Enough for the mortgage, enough for the bills, enough food, and enough to give some away.
Grab a cuppa  and a tissue , and peek into the lives of these women.  What a challenge.


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quiltmania said...

Don't sample toooo much chocolate. The quilts look great! The Moda Club women will love them.