Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Fall.  What does fall mean to you?  To me, it means so many different things, I have a hard time choosing a favourite. I'm no photographer, but I thought I would share a little eye candy, that to me represents fall.

The abundant harvest.  The ball of yarn looks good enough to eat, but is going to be a warm pair of socks for me.

New fabrics.  Just a bit.  (why not)

Yummy yarn, so I can spend long evenings knitting for loved ones on my Christmas list.

My Sunflowers have finally bloomed!

..........and quilts.  Love the hexie on the house in this quilt.  Thanks Neila for letting me "borrow" your quilt.

I think my most favourite thing is curling up under a quilt, while I sew the binding down.                     

Grace in our hearts, overflows in goodness from our hands.

Happy Wednesday.


Marie said...

Carla, I love the quote at the bottom of today's posting! I will be remembering that!
Also love your posting today, keep up the good work.

Marie said...

Carla, I so enjoyed the quote at the end of yesterday's posting, I will remember that!
Great and informative blog - keep up the good work.
Marie Tate

Craftycreate said...

Lovely pictures for the fall.