Friday, May 29, 2015


How many of us go running for our sewing room when life gets a little overwhelming?  The other day I needed a distraction so I made a little quilt for a grand baby that is coming soon.  Several years ago hubby and I went to Sisters Oregon, and visited the quilt shop there called The Stitching Post.  It was wonderful!  I picked up this directional print called Novella by Valori Wells.  At the time I didn't know what I was going to do with it, I just knew I liked it.

I went digging through my stash for a background and found the little music notes which I thought were a perfect fit for the little birdies in the print. Then I chose colours from the print to make the flying geese.  I resized a pattern called Big Goose Chase by Pieced Tree patterns

Before long, it was time to slice the fabric---always a little nerve wracking

For the quilting I did simple wavy lines following the lines in the trees

This was therapy at it's best

So looking forward to holding you in my arms little man   : )

Quilt stats:
37 x 42
pattern is Big Goose Chase
Pieced and quilted by me

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Monday, May 25, 2015


A couple of months ago, over on Instagram, I joined a Canadian birthday swap.  I have received some of the nicest parcels in the mail with treats and handmade things.  I thought I would try a little zipper pouch to send to the birthday girl this month.  Me and zippers don't normally get along, but I was a bit determined  : )

I chose fabrics that I hoped had a sort of vintage feel because she likes that.

This is the Open Wide Zipper Pouch and the tutorial can be found here

It turned out pretty good and I feel ok about sending it as part of my gift

I thought while it was fresh in my head I would try another. This time though, I put a little tab at the front of the zipper too so the installation would be a bit easier

It's ok

These fabrics are 'indelible' and I love them

the bottom of the pouch

Two pouches done and ready for gift giving : )
I think the second one will go to a certain girl who loves purple!

Enjoy your week

Thursday, May 21, 2015


This morning I clued in to the fact, that it's nearing the end of May and I hadn't started sewing the many bee blocks for this month.  I think I've been in a daze.........

For the do.good stitches groups I made these 'I spy Bubbles' blocks

Raw edge appliqué made them go fast

and these 12 inch bow tie blocks

The block on the right is called 'Gemstone' and it uses lots of scraps  : )

and just look at these for the Great Canadian Stash busting bee

I LOVE them!  It seems every month I want a whole quilt out of the blocks I do. This one may just happen but you know how that goes. The tutorial can be found here.  Aren't they sweet?

and lastly, this month is my turn to get blocks for myself to keep from two of the groups. I asked for basket blocks and they have started to arrive in the mail.

I'm pretty excited about this one !

Enjoy your week end.

Friday, May 15, 2015


Woot Woot! I got my Plus quilt finished.  Thanks to Debbie who told me the name is actually 'Inside Addition'.  I first saw one in progress over on Instagram by ' No Hats In The House ' and knew I needed to make myself one  : )

My son and I went downtown to take a few photos at an old school, but there was a bouncy castle on the lawn.  We decided across the street at this old church would work just as well so off we went. It just so happens that the Blogger's Quilt Festival hosted by Amy starts today, so I am linking up and entering this in the Modern Quilt category. Yay!

oooohhh the colour !

This one shows the quilting quite well. Thanks Linda for doing this so quickly for me  : )

.....and just one more (because I love it)

quilt stats:
shot cotttons / low volume
pieced by me
45 x 55
Modern Plus Quilt

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


So...........I started yet another new project.  I've had a gorgeous bundle of solids sitting on my shelf for about a year just staring at me and as luck would have it, I stumbled upon this quilt along that was just getting started !  It's being hosted by Pretty Little Quilts and you can find the info here 

My first house

number 2  (with part of another house behind)

and 3

.......and here is 'main street'

Aren't they fun ? !  These are huge blocks so I'm thinking this will be one very big quilt. This first row measures approximately 60".  I can hardly wait for the next set of instructions : )

Enjoy your week

Friday, May 8, 2015


Blessed. That's how I'm feeling right now. Not sure if i've mentioned here already that my second oldest son and his wife are expecting their third little one early July AND our oldest son and his wife announced the other night that they are expecting their first baby late October.  Hurray for babies!
I hosted a dinner recently for my hubby's birthday, and there were 15 of us. By next Christmas, we will be 17.  This calls for a bigger table,  and maybe that wall down I've been harping hinting about!
This is shaping up to be quite the year with a wedding and two babies  : )  Life is about to get even busier!

Anyway, this month is my turn to get blocks from two of the groups I'm in. The other day I was looking through some saved photos and decided I'd like to make this quilt

so I started making blocks---no measuring per say, just playing

and in a short time, there were 10

I've seen a peek of a few blocks that are coming my way already, and they are really cute.  This is one of those projects that helps use the ever growing pile of scraps on my table.  They are fun to sew too so that's a bonus. After piecing I squared the blocks to approximately 8 1/2 x 10 1/2

Have a fabulous week end!

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Friday, May 1, 2015


Yesterday I managed a few minutes in my sewing room and finished piecing the blocks for this quilt.
I'm stopping at 20 blocks which will give me a nice lap size quilt

I hope to be able to show you a finished quilt soon : )

After shoving the scraps aside cleaning up a bit, I found my 100 modern blocks book and made a couple more blocks.



I'm nearly half way there!

Have yourself a lovely week end