Sunday, October 30, 2016


Don't fall over.  I actually found the time to sit and write a bit in this space.  I have missed being here... the interaction with you

Since I last posted I have been kept busy with family things and my shop.  Thank you to all who commented about my Mother's stroke.  She is still battling fatigue, but is so much better.  Not back to bowling yet, but soon. This is Mom at my grand babe's 1st birthday party. She looks tired, but still likes to look her best : )

This is the birthday boy. The photo is a bit fuzzy, but he just doesn't keep still

Precious as the day is long !!  He's wearing the sweater I knit him. The hat was a no go.

I got my September's block pieced.  This is for Rachel who will soon be a bee keeper.

Good thing I double checked my word for the month because I had it in my head that I was to piece 'Larry'.  Seriously?

I'm knitting my daughter a large shawl out of a wool/alpaca blend. She is anxious to have it so I best get cracking

Saturday I had a 'Food for Fiber' sale. It was very well attended and we collected a lot of food and raised some cash for a local charity. Customers received 25% off if they brought a food item or tossed me a townie. I'm thinking of making this an annual thing.  So much fun!

And, this bad boy is quilted.  Happy dance!  Now the task of making the binding, but I do enjoy that part. Hand sewing it is a favourite because I get to snuggle under it in the process.

Thanks for reading today. It was nice to chat again : )