Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Actually I'm working 6 days a week, but I'm as busy as if it's eight!  I'm enjoying the process of filling the shop with inventory and chatting to all the lovely people who walk through the door.  Hubby is busy working in the back building an office-storage space.

Not a lot of sewing is happening, but I have been knitting up some baby hats. Always a fun way to showcase a certain yarn.

This little hat uses a 3 needle bind off while knitting an i-cord.  I needed three hands, but managed...

I made another slightly smaller one out of the leftovers.  I'm a firm believer that every baby needs a hat : )  The pattern is by A.Opie and is called Duality

These lovely fingerless gloves were knit by Carol.  She is an amazing knitter, and fast!!! There are a few samples around the shop made by her. It's a free pattern called Marg's mitts

I've been having fun changing out the window displays.  I have everything from gumboots and umbrellas, to needles and books.

Next month will be a camping theme!

This beautiful baby Merino needed to be a little hat too.  So soft

This is the very fun quilt the staff made for me when I left Katja's.  It's nice to have it  hanging in the shop as a  reminder of them.

Thank you to everyone who has popped in with well wishes.  For those of you who have purchased yarn, how are your projects coming?  I'd love to see

Enjoy your week,

Friday, April 8, 2016


The other day, a woman came into the shop and I sort of recognized her.  She looked a little surprised and said "is this YOUR shop?"   I told her it was, and she said "well you're the reason I'm knitting!"
Now it was my turn to look surprised.  She proceeded to tell me that several years ago one of her sons was heading to Guatemala on a missions trip and I donated a bunch of baby quilts and little knitted hats to match for the orphanage down there.  After seeing the impact it had on the people working there, she decided she needed to learn how to quilt.  She said with a laugh "well THAT didn't work, so I took up knitting".  Suddenly I felt like Mrs. McArthur    It was really nice to know that something I did and had totally forgot about had made an impact on someone else.  Quilting matters. Knitting matters.  But most of all, giving of our time and talent matters.

I got some happy mail yesterday!  These blocks arrived for my knitty quilt from Mary

I just love them.  Thank you Mary!

They tie in perfectly with my block and I just can't wait to get this quilt together  : )
I've got all kinds of words going through my head, but the wall in the shop where it will go is only so big.  Once again I will have to demonstrate some self control..............

Have a lovely week end,

Friday, April 1, 2016


Happy April !  Hurray for warmer weather and all the 'happy' that spring brings : )  I hope you are enjoying sewing these blocks as much as I am.  Some are more challenging, but fun just the same.

Pinks and reds this month.  It turns out red is really hard to photograph.  It turns bright orange or some other weird colour, but you get the idea anyway

I'm zooming in for a close up here because I was really happy with my points on this block.  Pressing the seams open helped with all that bulk

Little 1" squares.  Love them

I am off to work again : )

Have a lovely week end