Tuesday, June 23, 2015


As I've mentioned here before, I'm easily distracted  : )  I should be finishing quilts, but I've got the knitting bug again and there just aren't enough hours in the day to do it all. Recently I finished off the little hat I was making for my soon to be grandson.  The little shoes were a thrift store find

My co-worker Barb brought me this lovely skein of yarn all the way from Amsterdam.  It was so nice to work with. I'm excited I've got lots left for something else

Quiltmania has been a favourite magazine for a very long time.  I managed to get my hands on the Spring 2015 issue and there is a quilt in there I am dying to make..........but not yet.  I did however start a different project from the issue

more english paper piecing

which led to this little sunflower.  My 'accordion' stem needs some work.......

Oh and then there's this

This is a quarter of a circle.  It took a while to piece, but I love how it came out.  Three more sections to go, then I will show you the whole thing.

Hope you get lots of sewing time  : )

*****Thanks so much for all the nice comments on my house quilt.  I'm really looking forward to the real finish : )  I've had a few people comment lately that I can't reply to.  I do try each time, but if there is no e-mail on your profile page, then I just can't find you.     : (

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Thursday, June 18, 2015


I sewed the last few seams together to finish the Hillside Houses quilt top.  Hubby held it up for me to snap a couple of pictures.   This was a really fun top to make, and I'm a fan of solids now for sure!

I used a few different yellows for the windows which makes it have more depth

Next month, I have an appointment with the quilter.  So looking forward to seeing what she does  : )

Just LOOK at this backing!  Houses no less.  It's called Shanty Town by Brandon Mably for Westminster Fibers.  I think that's what I will call this quilt when it's finished.

Have a lovely week end

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Saturday, June 13, 2015


This past week I've had some pretty amazing happy mail!  The basket blocks have been pouring in from two of the Bee's I'm involved with

These are so very fun, and there are more to come!!!

It's even fun in black and white

I used to eat Yogourt every day for lunch.  Like for years.  After a painful scare with Kidney Stones,  my daughter in law told me about Apple Cider Vinegar.  Yuck.  It apparently helps with all kinds of things if you can get it past your nose..........

Then I had a Quinoa salad in a little cafe downtown and was instantly a fan of the stuff.  I had never actually cooked Quinoa myself, but gave it a shot to see if I could make something similar to what I had enjoyed so much.

I've blown through a whole bottle of apple cider vinegar just with this one recipe. It's so crispy and fresh !  If I don't eat this for a couple of days, I find myself craving it.

My family is wondering where the yogourt eating,  muffin wielding women went that they used to know !   She's gone......

..........and the great thing?  After switching to this for lunch I dropped 10 pounds.  Without trying.
Not long ago, we had about 14 for lunch. Some of the men had seconds, and then thirds. There wasn't a sniff of it left.  I was a little upset  : )

I thought I would share how I make it here in case you would like to try yourself.  I serve this as a side dish to anything and everything !

It makes a lot, so start with a big bowl

1 cup of organic Quinoa, cooked  (this fluffs up to quite a lot)
1 small bag blanched almonds, whole or slivered
1 113g bag of organic dried cranberries
1 cup chopped broccoli
1 yellow pepper diced
1 cup diced carrots
1/2  cup feta cheese chopped small  (cow feta, not the stinky stuff)
1 apple diced


1/3 cup blood orange infused Olive oil
2 tblsp. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
1 tsp. salt                                                            Whisk all these ingredients together and drizzle over
1/2 tsp. pepper                                                     ingredients in bowl.  Gently fold into mixture.
1 clove of garlic chopped fine                             Chill and serve.
1 tsp. honey

Hope you enjoy  : )

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Monday, June 8, 2015


The other night, I took a class and made my first bag. Insert happy face here!  This bag was designed to hold a 15" square plastic tote, but I decided to scale it back a bit and make mine into a diaper bag.
It's still pretty big,  but it needs to be  : )

I just love this text print.  It's a heavier weight and worked perfect for the bag. The bottom is a linen stripe

Inside I put a zipper pocket and a couple of other pockets to hold necessities....

like diapers and such

Once again, I sewed up a pair of reversible pants

and the back.  So cute!!! These are Organic cottons from Birch Fabrics and the pattern is Quick Change Trousers from the book Handmade Beginnings

I'm thrilled with how the bag came out.  Thanks Barb for a fun class.  Just a few more weeks and I can gift it to Mommy : )

15 x 15 x 7
made by me
pattern by Barb

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


There's been a bit of construction going on this week. These house blocks have been a lot of fun to piece.

My neighbourhood is getting big fast!

I need to stop and re-read the instructions because I'm a bit lost right now. Time to sew my pieces together into rows and go from there.  I think the quilt sort of 'twinkles'  : )

Thanks so much for all the nice comments of my last post. A couple of readers suggested a hat to match.  I do have a hat on the needles but it's not turquoise. Perhaps the next one, as a baby can never have too many hats.

Enjoy your week.

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