Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I love summer.  As someone who is always cold, July is my favourite month of the year.  Number 1 it's hot, and number 2, well........it's hot!

I've taken the better part of July off of work to snuggle my new grandson when he arrives and do a bit of traveling.

This has given me a chance to do some catch up on my sewing.
I made a couple of pouches.

This 'bubbles' block for Rene in the Mid Century Modern group.  This was a lot of work, but I love it

these improv Log Cabin blocks for Emily who asked for grey/cream solids for the outer ring. These were so fun to just grab random scraps from my basket and sew without thinking

If you're familiar with the Row by Row shop hop, the license plates came for Katja's quilt shop and of course she had to have something to do with hexagons. After all, she wrote the book  : )
I want this on my car.......

This fall, we are going to be doing the Patchwork City Quilt as a block of the month so I have started the sample blocks

and lastly, the other day, two of my daughter in laws came over for a sew day. One of them made her first little quilt and the other covered a piece of foam for a cradle that has been around for 50+ years.
It's the cradle that I was in as a baby. We used this laminated cotton in an elephant print. 

My job is to sew this stack of flannels into sheets to cover it and seeing as baby is due tomorrow, I best get on with that.

Have a lovely July.  I hope to have lots of finishes to show you when I get back from vacation !