Monday, March 30, 2015


What a busy month!  After the wedding, I got right to work making all the bee blocks for this month.

I made these blocks for Vickey and then proceeded to mail them to the wrong address

Yes. I. Did.

so I re-made them and will send them again. Ahem.

this Dresden plate is for Cindy

then there are the St. Lois 16 patch blocks for the Heal group of do.good stitches

and this churn dash for Sheila

and finally, these wonky cross blocks for Shena. These were fun to do.

I have a couple of new works in progress now too, but that will have to wait for next time : )

Thanks for all the nice comments about the wedding. We really had a fun day. The happy couple will be home soon and settling into married life.  Feeling very blessed to have them close by.

Have a lovely week

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


They're married!  We had a lovely time this past week-end watching our boy get married to his beautiful bride.  The weather was a bit 'iffy' but the rain held off until we were all tucked inside for the reception  : )

These are a few pictures one of my daughter in laws snapped with her phone

I walked my boy in

followed by all these lovely bridesmaids (remember the paint cards I had for choosing fabrics?)

bang on!

Then my two granddaughters dropping petals  (the bride is hiding behind the truck)

The " I do's "

They are off to start their lives together.

I've been left with all of this.............

: )

Friday, March 20, 2015


Do you ever go to your local bookstore to relax and flip through magazines?  Every now and then I like to do that.  Last week I happened upon a Canadian Quilting magazine called Quilters Connection.  There was a little knitting project bag inside and I was smitten.  In the next few days I made up my own version of it using the new Cotton and Steel fabrics 'black and white'

I used two fabrics and a solid for the lining. I had a scrap of fusible fleece so I used that to give it some stiffness. The quilting is simple wavy lines

this twill tape was perfect for the loops with some black ribbon for the tie

If (when) I make another one, I will add a couple more loops. This does make a rather cute star pattern however when pulled closed

My project bag ended up 10" tall and about 5" across.  Simple, fun, and very useful  : )

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p.s. the wedding is tomorrow -- TOMORROW !

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I can't remember the last time I lined anything up on my shelf.  Seven more hats are finished and ready to be given to my daughter in law.  She has enjoyed choosing a little hat for the babies she helps deliver : )

This is called the flour sack hat and is one of my favourites to knit

and this is the 'Knitnat Fun Baby Hat".  Super cute done in a self striping yarn

These got treated to some crocheted embellishments.  Thanks Sonja and Nicole for the cute flowers!

Here they are all lined up on the shelf.  Knitting these just makes me happy  : )

the little orange hat was knit by Sonja
Also, I had a whole bag of knit hats given to me to pass along. Thank you Norma !
Have yourself a great day

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Thursday, March 12, 2015


With a little over a week to spare, I got the signature quilt top done. This morning was windy, so I had to tuck myself in by the garage to get a couple of pictures.  I'll take what I can get : )

In the last post I was trying to figure out how I could get some purple into the quilt. I'm using fabrics that match the bridesmaids dresses.  I bought two pieces but then found this in my stash.
It was perfect!

these are the dress colours

The wedding quilt was definitely more 'their' colours, but this one is all about the bride. It turned out so pretty!

their initials made it into the plain square

My plan is to iron freezer paper onto the back of the quilt to stabilize it for signing. After the wedding, I will quilt it.  I want to be able to replace a block incase that 'weird uncle' signs something he shouldn't  : )

After trimming all those corners, I ended up with a big stack of triangles.  These will be stitched up into a quilt for a baby that is sure to result from this happy union.  The bride has said so on several occasions!   It's only right that I'm ready........

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Thursday, March 5, 2015


Lots of projects going on here again.  I have mostly been concentrating on the signature quilt that my future daughter in law would like for the wedding.  The colours I chose are similar to that of the bridesmaid dresses.  I am working my way out to include all the colours. In that plain white block I plan to put their initials again like in their wedding quilt.

The challenge here for me is to somehow include some purple.......

February was my month to ask for blocks for the Heal group of do.good stitches. Last year I asked them for scrappy 15 patch blocks, and I am adding to them again this year : )  I hope to have this one sewn into a top real soon

A couple more string blocks in the same colour way another group asked for

and some partial blocks to be thrown in the mix with a bunch of others

While hubby and I were away, I visited my favourite yarn shop again.  I came back with these pretties

I plan on making myself something out of the gold yarn and the rest will be knit up to give away.
This is hat #6 I think. It's called the 'rib knit' baby hat. So easy,  and the buttons are the finishing touch  : )

This week I have been teaching a beginner quilt class.  Now there are 5 new quilters to encourage!
Enjoy your week and as always, thanks for stopping by