Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Last week I bought a few pieces of fabric for a new project.  My little grand girls live at the lake and they are two doors down from their Great Aunt.  Auntie Carol has decided to turn a little shed on her property into a Beach/Guest house for her own grandchildren as well as my two. Well, if I ever needed an excuse to make a quilt, this is it! As a matter of fact - two, as there will be bunk beds.

 Carol has painted a dresser and little desk a bright turquoise so I went in search of fabrics that I thought were sort of 'airy'.  I started with an old layer cake of Hunky Dory and just used the turquoise and pinks. Then I went on the hunt for more.

I have hoarded the birds forever! I thought they would be a perfect addition so I threw them in. My quilt quickly grew

A little white sashing (moda white #98)

I love how everything just seems to work together

The pattern is an old jellyroll pattern called 'Jelly Squares' and instead of every block being the same,  I used a printed 8 1/2" square as an alternate block. I like it a lot. 
my daughter rolled out of bed at 6:30 and was holding this up before she knew what hit her  :)

 Now onto number two!  Doesn't Janie just look like she "needs" a beach house?

Quilt Stats :
48 x 68
Fabrics are a little of the following : Priscilla, Hunky Dory, Posh, Wrenly, Glamping, Bliss, Noteworthy, Bella Butterfly, and Dream On.  
(that was for you Gloria)

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Sunday, July 28, 2013


My Giant Star quilt is done. This is the first quilt to be finished this quarter. Slowly but surely I'm crossing things off the list and it feels great! Original list is here

I gave it to Linda to do the quilting and I really like what she did.

It's all about the texture   : )

quilt stats:
Honey Honey by Kate Spain
64 x 64

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Hubby and I escaped for a few days and went to the world famous Whistler Village. I can't believe this is only 4 hours from us and this was our first time here. It was our 27th anniversary, so we treated ourselves. The Winter Olympics were here a while back. It's truly a gorgeous setting.

The village has everything a person could want as far as shopping goes (except a quilt shop)

It was 29 degrees or 85 F. but there was still snow up top.

I still can't believe I let hubby talk me into doing the Peak to Peak in the cable car. Having never flown, I figure this is close...........

Coming back down on the chair lift was so beautiful!  The view was amazing  : )

I did manage a bit of stitching. I got two of my hexi-numbers done.

these will look better when the basting stitches are out

A holiday wouldn't be complete without stopping at a quilt shop. I have two "beach house" quilts to make for a guest house. The furniture is painted bright turquoise so I think these could work. The majority will be scraps.

Happy stitching to you!

Saturday, July 20, 2013


One of my favourite things to sew are baby quilts. The fabrics are fun, and they usually work up quickly.  For this quilt I pulled out all of my Aneela Hoey fabrics and started playing around. I had a charm pack of Cherry Christmas and I added 5" squares of Sherbet Pips, Little Apples, and Sew Stitchy.

The Tuffet was made with 6 fat quarters and lots of stuffing  : )

I also had a mini charm pack of Posy that I wanted to use too.  I pieced the charm squares until I had a length that would finish an even number, then I added the strip of mini charms. I finished it off with more charm squares on the other side.

I like how all these lines work together. The back is the little girls on the swing from the Sherbet Pips line.

I think they will live here for a while until I need them for a new baby.

Just for something different I tried making a tent for the girls' little dolls. We'll have to try it out next time they are over.

Hubby and I are off for a few days for a little celebration. See you when we get back.

quilt stats:
Fabrics by Aneela Hoey for Moda
33" x 36"

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Today I'm enjoying some simple patchwork. One of those in between projects-project.  I'm a big fan of Aneela's fabrics. They are just so sweet.

I finished my block for the Mid Century Modern group. Deborah asked us to make a house block that reflects a bit of ourselves. Hmmmm, I was raised by the Ocean, I've ALWAYS wanted a beach house with dormer windows, and I do love teal. This is what I came up with

Also, I want to start this little quilt that I'm piecing for a friend.

The little Miss came over on Sunday and headed for the Raspberries. She'll be here again tomorrow, but I think she picked them clean!

Happy Wednesday           : )

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Sunday, July 14, 2013


Three of the four groups I'm in asked for star blocks this month. These were all great stash busters.

I call this block Seafoam and Sand. It's for Kelsey

This star is for Janine. She asked for Solids with text prints and white for the background. I think this is a great combination.

The Simply Solids star is for Chelsea. This is a little smallish than what it's supposed to be so I will try again : )

These are just for me!  I made a couple more birds for my quilt.

That's it for today. I am off to enjoy the sun             : )

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


It's time to compile the list of UFO's I would like to finish in this 3rd quarter. Lately I have dug out a couple of older projects and done a little work on them. It feels good to be moving forward albeit slowly .

This is a top I just put together with blocks I got from the girls in the Heal@do.good stitches group. Once I get this quilted, it will go to Nicke and she will deliver it to a Hospice house.

I saw these little birdies over on Flickr and fell hard for them. I asked Jana if she would mind me making some, because with all the text prints in my Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt, I knew these would be perfect.

Hexi-bets. I am on the numbers! The letters are all done

This Giant Star is left over from Quarter 2.  It will soon be quilted.

Converging Corners: just needs quilting

Lastly I am trying to get my other Hexie quilt together. There is a bit of a showing the end of August and I would like to participate

and just in case I run out of things to do,

my Farmers Wife quilt and Scrappy Trip need finishing.


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Saturday, July 6, 2013


This time around I did much better in my goal to finish the things on my list. The original post is here .
I had hoped that by listing more I would finish more. I guess it worked! The latest one to get finished is Supernova. I got the binding on, washed it, and grabbed my daughter for a photo shoot.

 I quilted it with diagonal lines about 1" apart. I used the quilting guide on my walking foot for some of it, but switched to drawing lines after a while because it was too bulky to stuff through my machine.
Drawing lines allowed me to switch directions of the quilt.

excuse the lint

The texture of this is so nice. I don't usually wash my quilts first, but I needed to get rid of the pen lines.

Looking back I realized this is the third finish for this quarter.

Hurray for three finishes this time  : )
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quilt stats :
57 x 57
Machine pieced and quilted by me
cost of photo shoot- one banana split

Thursday, July 4, 2013


A couple of weeks ago, Linda had a viewing of the Farmers Wife quilts she and a bunch of us were working on. She spent a lot of time last year keeping us motivated and providing us with helpful hints for piecing, so I wanted to encourage her by at least showing up for the tea. At the last minute, I pieced the few blocks I had done into rows.

Once I got going I was excited to make more blocks. This one was next in the book. Now I know why I probably fell off the hay wagon .......

Who's idea was it to put 51 pieces in a 6" block?   #26- cut glass dish

# 27- darting birds

#28- duck and ducklings

#29- economy

#30- end of day

I'm on my way to having another row done. It feels good to be working on this again.

Thanks Linda! That was just the kick in the 'overalls' I needed to get going on this : )  To see some finished quilts, click here

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Monday, July 1, 2013


Thank you to everyone who entered the give-away. I do try to reply to each comment so if you didn't hear back from me, it's because there was no e-mail address attached to your name which makes you a 'no-reply' commenter   : (

The winner of the Honeycomb Charmpack is : Heather A

I have e-mailed you Heather  : )

My month in review looks a little like this -- lots of blocks and a few finishes.  I had fun trying new things like some challenging blocks and a Tuffet!

1. Crazy Eights baby quilt  2. Low volume Plus top  3. My Tuffet
4. Katherine Wheel block  5. Twice upon a Star block  6. Stacked bricks
7. Baby Bee  8. Dawn's Tuffet  9. My winnings from Heidi !  (she even made a bag to send them in)

I need to try and finish something that is on my actual list for the 2nd quarter of the Finish Along. I'm easily distracted..........

Happy Canada Day