Friday, January 30, 2015


All the blocks are done for the wedding quilt.

Now I start the task of cutting up yardage for sashing. The plan is to make the 20 blocks cover the top of the queen mattress and the arrows will hang down around the edges. That's the plan anyways.
And, I'm still toying with the idea of something between the bottom two arrows.........

These are bits left over from previous arrow blocks made by me or for me.  I'm thinking they will make some fun wonky blocks for a small quilt of some sort.

The bride to be and I are making jam this weekend as wedding favours.  Things are coming together bit by bit.  Now just to get this quilt finished!

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Monday, January 26, 2015


Applique is usually something I steer clear of, but when Elizabeth of the Mid Century Modern bee asked for a block to make a quilt similar to one I made a while back, I knew this little block could finally come to life.  This block has been in my head forever and every sampler quilt needs a bowl of hexies don't you think?

and also these little whirly things will fit in too   ( some good light would sure be nice )

I really enjoyed making these blocks even though appliqué isn't my thing

Also for the Humility group of do.good stitches I made these blocks to be part of a girls quilt

all those little half square triangles took a while, but it's done  !

That's it for this Monday

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Thursday, January 22, 2015


My first Rosette is finished and my fingers hate me  : )   The New Hexagon Millefiorie Quilt Along has exploded this past month to over 1600 hexie lovers signed up to stitch along, and over 1000 stitchers joining the Facebook page in about 2 1/2 weeks. Wow.

It's all so very fun!

This is the first and biggest rosette measuring 37" at the widest point.

I didn't think too much about colour until I got to the outer edge. I couldn't decide on what to put there until I found this teal dot in my stash. It seemed to work. I need to consider what block will be up against it and plan from there

The little corners lined up pretty good so I'm happy about that

I took myself out for a little retail therapy and came home with these pretties.

Indelible has been on my 'want' list for a long time.  The top piece is called 'Cherie'.  Love.

I'm hoping to be able to incorporate these into a rosette or two and I think I just might pull it off  : )

Instructions for Rosette #2 will be posted on the first of February.  Bring. It. On.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015


The wedding will be here before we know it!  My plan for the wedding quilt is coming together quite nicely

I drew up a bit of a layout the other day to help me with yardage etc.  The colours in this Persimmon line seem to work for both my son and his bride to be.  Not too girly yet there is something going on with each print.  

We discussed some arrows around the outside to make it bigger without me having to make a bazillion of these blocks....

( as a side note--I see people pinning the arrow tutorial all the time so I checked my stats and that page has been viewed 8449 times. Wow. )

So this is it so far.  The anvil blocks will be 4 x 5 rows with arrows on three sides. I'm also toying with the idea of their initials between the two bottom arrows but we'll see if I can pull it off.....

I'm excited to be closing in on a finish
Please ignore the pile of projects on that table.  Once she said yes, nothing else mattered    : )

Monday, January 12, 2015


Just before the end of last year I joined two new online groups. These new groups are Canadian which I'm excited about. One of the groups makes quilts for charity, and in the other group we make blocks for each other to keep.  I'm in a total of five groups, so I will be busy for sure.

This is a dresden plate for Rene'  (December block) in the Mid Century modern group

two divide and conquer blocks for the Heal @do. good stitches group (December block)

a ribbon star block for Stacey. I'm sending along the extra bits too

two stair step blocks for the Joy group of do.good stitches

and lastly Mel asked for a flying geese block done any way we like. I have had this 'circle of flying geese'  on my to do list for a long time and this was my chance to try it.  I love it!

Phew! I still have two more blocks to make for January, but I still have two weeks right?

Happy Monday : )

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Friday, January 9, 2015


It's that time again to list the projects I would like to get finished this quarter. There are actually two that MUST get finished as they are for the wedding  : )

This year the host is Adrianne from On The Windy Side    It's always fun to challenge myself to see if I can actually finish what's on the list

1. The Wedding Quilt -- these blocks take a while to piece but I really like them and so does the bride to be so.......

2.  A Signature Quilt also for the wedding

3.  The New Hexagon Millefiori Quilt Along.   I won't get this done but I really want to keep up each month

bird fabric is 'Flock' by Michael Miller

4.  Scrap Vomit  --   to keep plugging away and get this done

5.  Socks -- this years were a hit so I am getting a jump on next Christmas' stocking stuffers  : )

That's it for this quarter. I'm trying to keep it do-able

Have a great week-end
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Monday, January 5, 2015


Although I intended to finish strong, I only finished 4 things off my quarter four list of the Finish Along hosted by Katy of The Littlest Thistle. My list is here

First the quilts :

 and the socks were a hit. The black and white ones were on the list as well as the plumb one on the left

and I got them done!

When I got told from a daughter in law that "these are the most comfortable socks I have ever worn", it made it so worth it   : )

Now onto my first list for this new year

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Thursday, January 1, 2015


What better time to start a fresh new project than a new year ? !  This is a project that will span this whole coming year and potentially use 10 meters of my stash  : )  It's a win win in my books.

This is a free quilt along hosted by Katja.  It's english paper piecing using her book The New Hexagon. You can read more about it here

First there was a fabric pull to get started

Then the basting began. These shapes allow for some fussy cutting, so I started with these colourful birds and will play off them

For the next round I'm adding more red for a real pop of colour

This is the first rosette and the biggest of them all. There are a lot more pieces to add so I best get busy : )   I'll post a picture when it's all together.  Are you joining in ?

Happy New English Paper Piecing Year everyone!