Monday, November 21, 2016

NOVEMBER IN REVIEW (and a give-away)

Does time fly if we are having fun, or as we get older ???  I think both.  November is nearly done and we all know what that means.

*******a little business to start. There were a few comments last post about the slippers etc that I couldn't reply to because you have no e-mail address on your google account. Nothing. Zip. I tried, I really did : (   I will do a proper post soon and include a link to the pattern ok?

I changed my window out again for the season.  This was a lot of fun.  My son welded me a little girl out of re-bar that I could dress up in winter things.  I love her.

A view from outside

Who doesn't love a smiling snowman? I try to make the shop look warm and inviting

These little cards were designed especially for my shop by Kody Stewart Illustrations.  Little knitty note cards.  So cute!

My time doing bee blocks is nearly over.  These ones are going to be for a comfort quilt.

and Anne wanted B's for her quilt. This one will be fun

My needles are rarely idle while sitting. This little sweater is for a friends niece who is having a baby in December. A little boy. I will make a hat to match which will finish off his outfit nicely : )

Did you like the note cards?  How about a chance to win a half dozen. 2 of each design.
Leave me a comment to be entered and how about tell me how your Christmas prep is coming?

Make sure I can get ahold of you : )

Have a fabulous week!

Monday, November 7, 2016


I was eight.  My grade three school teacher taught me how to knit by making slippers.  Recently, I saw some very similar slippers posted on Instagram and had all the memories come flooding back.

I've been teaching beginner knitting at my shop and thought, ''wouldn't it be fun to teach others to knit making the same project I learned some 45 years ago'' ?  (  45!!!)

 So I cast on

I just love this yarn!  It's called Rhubarb by Lichen & Lace from Sackville, NB

This little slipped stitch edge adds just the right touch.  My next beginner class starts this Thursday and I'm looking forward to telling them all about how I started knitting on slippers almost exactly like this : )

Enjoy your week.  It's going to be a busy one!