Sunday, August 7, 2011


Since cleaning up my sewing room, there has been a "flurry" of activity going on in there.  This is Kate Spain's new Christmas line called flurry.  These easy pinwheels are made by simply stacking a 5" print square on top of a 5" background square and slicing through at an angle.  I didn't measure, which means each pinwheel is slightly different than the next.  I like that. The blocks then get squared up to 4 1/2" ( this is like the "wild thing" pattern by Camille)

There is loads of pattern on these fabrics, so when cut up they still have a lot of colour.

I will show the top when it's finished.  Now, back to summer.

Apricots off our tree.  Have a great rest of your day.


Maria said...

Lovely pin wheels. I hope you don't mind, I've pinned this to my Pinterest board as a reminder to try this some time.

Lucky you! I have to buy my apricots in the supermarket.

Debbie said...

Flurry is lovely & I love it with the pattern you are using!!

beecee said...

The holiday fabrics and the wonderful baskets of fruit and flowers are terrific together. When the fabrics are cut they don't look holiday specific - simply festive.