Friday, September 30, 2011


I really love my hubby.  That's him there behind the quilt.   I don't know many men who would let their wives drag them around town to take pictures of a quilt.  This place is called "Saint Andrews on the Square".  It's a beautiful heritage church downtown.  I have wanted to go there all summer because it has the most beautiful gardens.  This quilt, I thought , was a good one to photograph here because of the bright cheerful prints.

See the slight wonkiness to the bricks?  I first saw a quilt like this at Film in the Fridge.  There was no pattern, but I saved it to my desktop and kept thinking and thinking about it.  Finally, when I saw this line of fabric, I knew it was the right one for this quilt.  (I e-mailed Ashley and told her I was trying to figure it out and asked her if it was okay to make one.  She said go for it!)  

There's even a quilt block in the window!  I still need to choose a backing, and write instructions to give to the ladies at the October moda club meeting. 

After we took pictures, I took hubby to lunch, and then to Swiss Pastries for dessert.  I think he was happy.
I know I was!

Have a great week-end.


Ashley said...

Wow, it's really stunning! Great work!!

Anita said...

Beautiful Beautiful yet again!

tusen said...

Such a beautiful quilt top and a beautiful place to photograph it. I love the wonky blocks, they make the quilt look like a true brick wall.

Katie said...

I really like it! it shows off the fabrics really well!