Wednesday, October 26, 2011


We all know that inspiration can be found just about anywhere.  Even buttons?  Why not.
 The other day, our notions order came in.  Katja orders buttons by the pound sometimes.  We got 5 pounds!  It's like getting grandma's button box in the mail.  Katja decided a little " therapy" was in order, so she went through them and picked out all the ones she thought Scarlet should have.
There is something soothing about running your hands through a huge bowl of buttons.

Suddenly I want to make Scarlet a little sailor dress and matching sweater.

I love these ones.

  How cute is that ladybug!  I already have a red sweater on the needles that I have knit once and ripped out.  I think I will like the second attempt better.  There are so many cute things these buttons could go on.  I'm inspired for sure.  Thanks Katja.

Oh!  This little package is off to Germany in a day or two.  I wonder what goodies it holds?  :)

Have a fantastic Wednesday.


Sana Saroti said...

My heart beat just skipt when I saw the last pic! I swear! If my laptop wasnt sitting on my lap I would be dancing around the table. Those buttons and shoes are adorable indeed! I know what you mean about running your hands through a huge bowl of buttons/lentles/sand/beads... A huge hug from Berlin for you ;-)

Katie said...

I think I need to find a use for buttons lol - then I can shop for them too ;)

britt said...

Those buttons and booties are adorable! I agree, a sailor dress is in order.