Monday, June 13, 2016


It's a new week and I am in for a busy one!  I got all my bee blocks sewn this past week so my slate is clear : )

Susan in Australia is getting these words for her Spelling bee quilt
It just so happens they match my current knitting project so I took a picture

I'm pretty happy with my little 'e'

Kerry asked for this 'Yukon' block. She moved to Canada recently from the UK and is making a sort of map quilt.  It will be a pixelated style so she made up her own style of letters and had us follow that

Rene down in Florida gets this 'strawberry kiss' block in blue.  This is a fun block to sew and easy peasy

Finally, these churndash blocks are making their way to my house. I love this block in any way shape or form, so that's what I asked the ladies to make in my Mid Century Modern group. My current favourite colour combo is plum/mustard so some of them have that : )

Enjoy your week



Karen said...

Oh I really love the churn dash on the bottom in the center...cute cute cute

Karyn said...

I like the variations on the churn and dash block. Much more modern looking.

Needled Mom said...

Your bee blocks look great. I love your Churn Dash blocks together.

Kim said... your mid century churn dash blocks; great colours! Love the colours in your new knitting project. They blend perfectly together, don't they.

Karen S said...

Very satisfying to be up to date.
I like the very simple strawberry kiss block.
And I love the colour changes in the yarn you are using.

Jayne said...

Its always nice seeing yur many Bee Blocks! I love them all !

Marie said...

Hi, Carla, another colourful posting, love the many Bee blocks but my favourite by far are your churn dash ones. That is my favourite scrappy block also, have a good week. :)

Live a Colorful Life said...

All of your blocks look so great! Whatever you are knitting is just beautiful.

Unknown said...

what a wonderful post - love everything, especially your churn dash blocks

Julie said...

all amazing blocks, and I love that top photos where two blocks match your knitting, how awesome. You are so sweet to be making those blocks!