Friday, November 11, 2011


It's Remembrance day today.  Lest we forget all those brave men and women who fought , and are still fighting, so we can have our freedom today. Thank-you. A long time ago, I read something that stuck with me.  I recite this in my head often, so I thought I would share it here.

Oh words cannot tell
not even in part,
Of the debt that is owed
by this thankful heart.

Also on this day back in 1933, my Mother was born.  We will be celebrating later today with a family dinner.  I'm thankful for the Christian heritage that she and my Dad raised me with.  Yesterday some co-workers and I and my Mom, took a little road trip.  We headed to Falkland. This is just a little place with one gas station , a pub, a few businesses, etc.  Rumour had it there were some amazing yarns at the General Store.  I was skeptical to say the least. It was such a pleasant surprise!  The GOODIES that little place holds.

First up is some 'Sublime' cotton that will be a newborn sweater for my next little grand baby.

Because I don't crochet, I bought these little pretties.  They will probably embellish the sweater and a hat if we get another girl.

Then I spied these buttons.  They reminded me of an old cigar box my dad kept in his shop to hold little things.  I scooped them up before someone else could :)   Sharon grabbed the other package.

Aren't they neat?  I got the old box out to see and sure enough...

Definitely worth the trip I'd say. The other girls got things like Alpaca, and Silk, and Mom got some 100% wool to make herself a cardigan (happy birthday Mom).

Also, I have been "swooning" over Etchings.

I have changed the construction just a bit to make it easier to piece.  A few less seams anyway. This is such a beautiful line of fabric. 

Have a wonderful week-end, and remember to count your blessings.


quiltmania said...

Wow, I'm going to have to stop in next time I'm driving through Falkland. Thanks for the beautiful post.

Sana Saroti said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom! Those are great treats you got yourself! And you took beautiful photos of them! Those buttons (sigh) just priceless!

Kathy said...

The most beautiful buttons! I am green with envy :)
I love your block with Etchings - I have used some of the red as the feature fabric in a knitting bag I just made (though I don't knit so I guess it will be a crochet bag :)

Debbie said...

Sweet post and love your Swoon!

Shocking Hocking said...

great buys - and your swoon block is gorgeous