Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Sometime before Christmas, I was having some fun reading different quilt blogs.  I came across
Little Island Quilting where Alison blogs.   It just so happens she was "paying if forward".  The first 3 people to comment on her blog post, would get something handmade by her.  I scrolled down to the comments and there were only 2.  I debated, but then left a comment hoping I would qualify for a little handmade goodie.  She e-mailed me back and said I was in!  Yipee.

This past week, I received this in the mail, all the way from the isle of Guernsey.  Isn't it lovely?

Also in the package, was this tea towel (too nice to use) and a little note pad. I love it all Alison : )
Thanks so much.

Now it's my turn to "pay it forward".  There are of course a few rules if you would like to participate.

1. You must pay it forward to 3 people within a year of receiving your gift (easy enough)

2. You must have a blog. This is so you can in turn blog about it and pay it forward to 3 more people.

3. Once you receive your gift, you blog about it to keep it going.  Use the "pay it forward" button.

It doesn't necessarily have to be quilted, just handmade. We're not talking a queen size quilt here either.  It could be a little table topper or a mug rug.   If you sign up, I will be stalking  checking your blog to see what you like.  This is fun!!

Soooooo wanna play?  The first 3 people to comment and say "count me in" will receive a little something this year.  I'm thinking this summer when I have nothing but time............


Dawn Hughes said...

Count me in!

Richard Healey said...
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Richard Healey said...

Ops Count me in

Katja said...

What a great way to share! I love the idea of paying it forward.

Kathy said...

What a lovely idea :) I might tuck it away to bring out later in the year .

Little Island Quilting said...

Oooh and the 'isle of Guernsey' is about to become very famous because filming starts here in March for the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society starring Kate Winslet!

quiltmania said...

Ah, I'm to late! Oh well, I see Katja is in the top three so I'll have to stalk out her blog.